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EMA - public stakeholders meeting on the approval, safety monitoring and impact of COVID-19 vaccines in the EU

23rd February 2021

EMA is organising this open event to provide an update on:

  • COVID-19 vaccines approved in the EU and those currently under review;
  • post-authorisation activities, including emerging safety data since EU authorisation of the first COVID-19 vaccines, and ongoing work to address new variants;
  • the expected impact of COVID-19 vaccination on our society;
  • transparency and the publication of clinical data for COVID-19 vaccines.

The agenda and all information related to the event are available on the EMA website event page. The meeting will be broadcast live and a recording will be available after the meeting.

No registration is required to watch the broadcast and those following the broadcast will be able to submit their comments via the COVID19-public-event@ema.europa.eu inbox during the meeting. Kindly note that by sending an email, you consent to the processing of any personal data in your email, read the related privacy statement here. EMA may publish your comments, in an anonymous format, on EMA’s website. Should you wish to opt-out from this, please state this in your email. While it may not be possible to address all comments received during the meeting, EMA will still consider them in the relevant regulatory decision-making processes.

If you are interested in joining the virtual meeting room in WebEx to complete and submit this form no later than 15 March 2021 (Note: we recommend using Google Chrome/Safari browser). Participating in the virtual room gives the opportunity to ask questions and/or write comments in the WebEx chat (time permitting). EMA will look at all requests to join and will endeavor, in view of the available time and capacity, to select a diverse group of stakeholders to join the virtual meeting.

Please contact COVID19-public-event@ema.europa.eu if you have any questions.

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