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What is RQA?

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The Research Quality Association (RQA) was formerly called BARQA, the British Association of Research Quality Assurance and was changed in December 2012.
The RQA celebrated its 40th Birthday in 2017.

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As an Association dedicated to informing and advancing its members, we provide status and visibility for individuals concerned with the quality of research and development concerning pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, chemicals and medical devices.  Since its inception in 1977 the Association has grown and developed to reflect regulatory changes, the impact of regulatory inspection and the changing structure and needs of industry. 


To inspire quality, integrity and compliance in scientific research.


Providing news, knowledge and learning in the scientific research community, and building expertise through training, communication, engagement and collaboration.

Our Constituency

RQA membership comprises:

  • Quality and research professionals including directors, managers, scientists, auditors and other practitioners worldwide.

  • Practitioners concerned with the quality and compliance of research with a particular focus upon the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, biologicals, devices, agrochemicals and chemicals in man, animals and the environment.

  • Members come from regulated or non-regulated, commercial or non-commercial environments.

Association Committees

  • Animal and Veterinary Product
  • Good Clinical Practice
  • Good Laboratory Practice
  • Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Good Pharmacovigilance Practice
  • IT
  • Medical Devices.

These Committees are the focal points for gathering information, organising and contributing to conferences, courses, seminars and publications, working with government and with other professional bodies when appropriate.


Membership of the RQA brings many benefits but the greatest is knowing other people with the same concerns as you and being able to contact them.

External links

The RQA has many contacts with other Quality Assurance Societies, other related professional bodies and regulatory agencies throughout the world. These contacts allow regular exchanges of information which are communicated to members through the Association's Newsletter and its meetings.

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