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RQA Membership

Who should join?

Membership is open to all those involved in the quality and integrity of scientific research and to those working with, or interested in, Good Laboratory Practice, Good Clinical Practice, Good Pharmacovigilance PracticeGood Manufacturing Practice Regulations, IT, Medical Devices and Animal Health be they from industry, government, academia or contract research and wherever in the world they are based.

Membership is broken down into the following categories of expertise (members may have chosen more than one area of expertise):


Percentage of
RQA Membership

Good Clinical Practice 59%
Good Pharmacovigilance Practice 43%
Good Laboratory Practice 35%
Good Manufacturing Practice 24%
Good Clinical Laboratory Practice 24%
Computing/IT 14%
Medical Devices 14%
Non-Regulated Research 12%
Good Laboratory Practice Field Studies 9%
Good Clinical Practice (Veterinary) 5%

What is RQA?

RQA is international

We have members in over 50 countries and have many contacts within other research quality societies, other related professional bodies and regulatory agencies throughout the world. These contacts allow regular exchanges of information, which are communicated to members. 

What will it cost me and how do I apply?

Applicants pay a one-off administration fee when joining. An annual subscription is payable and is due on 1st January each year.

Those applying to join for the first time between 1st September and 31st December need not pay an annual subscription, but will be asked to pay an annual subscription the following 1st January. The administration fee will still remain.  For further details on this and to apply for membership, please click here.

Free membership

Non-members attending one of our professional development courses have the option of applying for free membership for the calendar year in which the course takes place. More details will be available while the course is taking place.


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