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Jane Moulster

Events Administrator

Prior to working for RQA, I worked in schools or educational settings for more years than I care to think about, working in several supportive administrative roles.  I started with RQA back in 2014 helping with forums, seminars, Register of Consultants, publications, conference administration, a month after starting I attended the annual conference in Brighton, didn’t have a clue what was going on back then, but it all seemed fun and felt like working with a happy family.  Since then, my role has developed and I now administer our public courses, often hosting the remote ones.  I still look after all events administratively and the Register of Consultants.  It’s usually me on the other end of our online webchat too, so I know the ins and outs of many parts of RQA and if I don’t I know who to ask.  I now work completely remotely having been allowed the opportunity to move back from Suffolk to where my heart is, Devon (I moved from Devon in 2011 as hubby’s job moved).

On a more personal level, I have two grown up daughters and two cats.  I love to travel when I can, particularly to somewhere that involves cocktail consumption, turquoise seas, and palm trees.  I sew for mindfulness and a side-hobby from that seems to be collecting fabric and sewing based accoutrements (it’s not until you move house you realise just how much you actually have!).  Note to self: set a new year’s resolution to use some of it instead of adding to it, or perhaps not…..

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