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Josh Dennington

Learning Developer

Hi, I’m Josh and I’ve been employed as a Learning Developer at the RQA since 2017.

As a Learning Developer my role is to create and develop various pieces of educational content on a range of topics. This includes but is not limited to eLearning, videos and webcasts that are either for sale on our website or available exclusively for our members. 

Using my creativity and having the freedom to do so is what I really enjoy about this role especially with trying to make each new piece of eLearning both interactive and enjoyable (well as enjoyable as a piece of eLearning can be I suppose).

Creativity also plays a big part in what I get up to outside of work too as one of my biggest hobbies is photography and if you’ve been to one of the RQA conferences you probably would have spotted me with my camera. My main source of photography comes from working closely with my local zoo (Colchester Zoo) to provide them with photos for promotional use or sometimes even products. 

If you’re interested in animal photography want to see some of my photos, you can join me via Instagram: @J_Dennington or on Facebook: J Dennington Photography

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