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Thank you for choosing to explore the RQA Volunteer Programme. Volunteers play a huge and important role in the Association; they are integral to RQA's success.

There are a number of ways in which volunteers can support RQA activity:

  • Time-based; usually for Committee membership
  • Task-based; generally for single-task projects
  • Virtual; typically to promote RQA.

This approach allows Volunteers to choose to support RQA in a manner that suits the Volunteer without over-committing their time. The opportunities are endless.

RQA relies upon the knowledge and commitment of dedicated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to support its members by providing news updates, liaising with regulators, developing new products, and organising events. By volunteering your time and knowledge we hope that the volunteer experience can make a real difference to your career, the profession and your association.

I hope that you find your volunteer role to be fulfilling and rewarding. Please feel free to contact the RQA office with any queries or concerns.

Welcome, and thank you.

Anthony Wilkinson
RQA Director of Operations


Please note that you need to be an RQA Member to be part of the Volunteer Programme - to join please visit the Members Area.

How to start volunteering

How to start volunteering

The initial sign up for the programme is simple -  we just need you to click on the Sign Up Here button above and fill in your details which will give us a bit more information about you and what you feel you could/want to contribute to RQA via the Volunteer Programme. 

Once you’re registered as a volunteer by completing the form, you need to be aware of the different types of volunteering opportunities that are available (shown below). Each volunteering activity entails a timescale to complete or fulfil the task, project or role, from a few minutes on a task to many days per year as Chair of the Board. Please read through this overview of the types of opportunities and what each entails.

Ways to volunteer


Virtual Event Platform