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Anthony Wilkinson

Director of Operations/Company Secretary

I have two very different job roles at RQA.

As the Director of Operations, I’m responsible for delivering the Association’s strategy, which includes overseeing business growth, performance, and sustainability, along with support to the Board, Committees, Working Parties, SIGs, Volunteer Programme, and all supporters and volunteers. Fortunately, the Association has incredible and dedicated staff to keep everything running smoothly.
As Company Secretary, I am the principal officer with a duty to provide advice and guidance to the Association under the company’s Articles of Association, company law, and other relevant regulations. Basically, the Company Secretary’s role is to ensure that the Association complies with the various laws and Articles. As such, an extensive knowledge of the applicable ‘rules’ is necessary – from the Companies Act to Advertising Standards, for example, and even the Consumer Rights Act.
In my spare time, I read a lot; I always have two or three books on the go. I also write; I’ve published three non-fiction books, and I’m currently working on a novel – tough going, I’m not creative or imaginative, so the story reads like a very long and dull police crime report!

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