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Emma Michlbacher

Membership and Corporate Learning Coordinator

My role at the RQA has evolved in the nearly ten years that I’ve worked here. I started off handling the administration for courses, other events, all aspects of the then distance learning provisions and website-based areas such as the register of consultants, so I have a good background knowledge of a lot of the offerings that we provide. As the demands of administrating these areas grew and I also went off on maternity leave, we added to the team, so when I returned, I only resumed the administration and now coordination of our in-house corporate courses, eLearning (and other online learning) as well as assisting Gareth with the administration surrounding our ever-growing membership. Last year we launched the RQA Certification Scheme and I am now responsible for overseeing this as well. Although I missed the implementation of our new CRM system while I was on leave, I gave input to the structure of this initially and since my return I have become the self-proclaimed queen of CRM workflows, so the chances are if you’ve received any form of automated email from the RQA, I would’ve set up the process that made it happen. I love a good logic puzzle so for me workflows just mean that I get to play at work!
Back in the day I used to be a bit more interesting… I travelled a lot, scuba dived, skied, took boxercise classes and danced whenever and wherever the opportunity arose. I also used to like to paint (mostly with oils) and once showed two paintings in an exhibition in Bermuda. But now I’m mainly a busy mum of two children, trying to keep up with the housework and demands of homework and school life, such as creating a kangaroo costume for the ‘Christmas’ production… go figure! 

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