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Danielle Andrews

Creative Developer

I've worked with RQA since 2008 - I joined after having taken a year out to travel around the world and at 25 was very ready to start somewhere where I could be creative and use some of the skills I had learned at university. Before RQA I worked in recruitment and shipping (which both my parents worked in, having lived in Felixstowe, and I was determined not to follow in their footsteps as it was so boring!). My first role at RQA was Event and Publications Administrator, so I helped to run seminars, regional forums, the conference and put together booklets and Quasar. Over the years I have also worked on course administration, been more and less involved with one-day events and the conference, but have always looked after Quasar. Today I am a Creative Developer, which (along with putting Quasar together), means I design artwork for RQA, work on the look, feel and updates across the website, produce the fortnightly newsletter and learning update and am now a part of the conference team from the initial venue visits, through to the app development and running of the event. 

Outside of work, I have two young children who obvioulsy take up a lot of my time. I love all things house-related (especially looking at and copying other peoples' homes on Instagram), am constantly reading, sitting down to watch crime dramas and like nothing more than an afternoon nap in front of the fire. I do sometimes get my paddleboard out (fairweather only!) and still love to travel - if I haven't been there, I want to go! 

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