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Already a RQA member? Upgrade your membership

It is free to upgrade your membership. If you are an Affiliate and wish to upgrade your membership to Member status, you need to meet the following criteria:

Members are individuals who are actively involved in scientific research, and are able to provide confirmation of:

  • Experience in scientific research extending for more than five years, or
  • Qualifications equivalent to degree level, and experience in scientific research extending for more than three years.

Members may use the designatory letters MRQA after their name.

If you do and you would like to upgrade to Member, please click here.


Fellows are individuals who have been a member of RQA continuously for a minimum of five years and have, in the Board's opinion, achieved distinction to the industry. Such distinction will be marked by exceptional and significant contributions in areas such as (but not limited to):

  • The design, development and successful implementation of:                            
    • quality standards;
    • quality management systems;
    • audit programmes;
    • correction, corrective action and preventive action programmes
    • the training and development of quality professionals.

Fellows of the RQA may use the letters FRQA after their name.

Please complete the Fellowship Application Form and send it to membership@therqa.com

Senior Member

Senior Members are individuals who have been a Member of the Association for a minimum of five years and have retired.

A reduced annual subscription is payable and falls due on 1st January each year.
The benefits of Senior Membership are broadly similar to the benefits of membership and include:

  • Quasar
  • Members Directory
  • Website (Members area)
  • Annual conference discounts
  • Networking

To minimise the cost of Senior Membership, Senior Members will not receive mailings related to professional development courses or recruitment opportunities. Senior Members will not be eligible to vote or stand for election to the Board but may still play an active part in the work of Committees and Working Parties.

To apply for Senior Membership, please click here.


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