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Become a member of the RQA

If you are looking to join as a new member, or if you've previously been a member and would like to rejoin, please follow the instructions below.


RQA members receive over £250 worth of free products, and you will be joining a community of nearly 2500 like-minded colleagues. For more information on all of the benefits of membership, please click here

  • I have always found RQA to be an invaluable resource for information and networks

  • Globally very satisfied, great service and chat, thank you

  • Joined RQA to stay up to date and to improve my knowledge - after three months I can say: yes, that's it! Keep up the excellent work!

There are two categories of membership that you can apply for, as described below.

Classes of Membership


Members are individuals who are actively involved in scientific research, and are able to provide confirmation of:

  • Experience in scientific research extending for more than five years, or
  • Qualifications equivalent to degree level, and experience in scientific research extending for more than three years.

Members may use the designatory letters MRQA after their name.



Affiliate status is open to those who do not meet the specific academic or experience requirements for Member status, but should:

  • Be involved in scientific research and development, or
  • Show a constructive interest in quality assurance compatible with the objects of the Company.

Affiliates of the RQA are not granted the right to use letters behind their name.

If you're unsure which class of membership you should apply for, please email membership@therqa.com and we will be able to advise you. 

What will it cost?

Applicants pay a one off administration fee.  An annual subscription is payable and falls due on 1st January each year. 


(Joining) Fee

2022 Annual


Affiliate, Member

£25 £95      £120      

* Not due until 1st January 2022.

Fees and subscriptions are exempt from VAT and are deductible against UK Income Tax

Are you looking to book on an event at the member rate?

Please note that if you are planning to apply for membership and then book on an event at the member rate, you must add membership to your basket first to activate the member pricing. You will then be able to book onto the event at the member rate.

Apply from January to August: You will need to pay both the administration fee and annual subscription. The subscription fee will be due for renewal on 1st January. Apply from September to December: You will need to pay the administration fee only. The annual subscription fee will be due on 1st January.


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