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Corporate Learning

RQA offers two types of corporate learning - both allowing you to train your employees at your own premises, in-house courses (online or in person) and eLearning modules.

Today's workforce has to process more and more information in a shorter amount of time. New products and services are emerging with accelerating speed. As production cycles and product life spans continue to shorten, information and training quickly become obsolete. Training managers feel the urgency to deliver knowledge and skills more rapidly and efficiently whenever and wherever needed.

Business managers realise that companies that offer ongoing education and training enjoy a higher rate of employee retention and the benefits of a better skilled and equipped workforce.

Today's businesses have more locations in different parts of the world, in different time zones and employ larger numbers of employees with diverse cultural backgrounds and educational levels than ever before. Thus, more information has to be delivered in increasingly larger organisations, challenging internal planning, logistics and distribution. Companies worldwide are now seeking more innovative and efficient ways to deliver training to their geographically dispersed employees.

Corporate trainers report that eLearning and traditional classroom training are blending rather than one ruling out the other. That is, the strongest use of online learning seems to be an extension rather than a replacement for classroom training.

Corporate eLearning

In-house Courses

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