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Have your say on the future development of ISO 9000 and ISO 9001

23rd June 2020

The current editions of ISO 9000, Quality management systems Fundamentals and vocabulary, and ISO 9001, Quality management systems Requirements, were published in 2015. Both standards will shortly be up for a systematic review as required by the ISO Directives. The choices available for what happens to the standards are: Confirm, Revise/Amend, Withdraw, or Abstain.

We would like your views on the future of both standards. You may consider that changes are required or that they are good to last a further 10 years. Either way, your contributions are important in developing a UK response to the formal systematic review that BSI will submit to the ISO Technical Committee responsible for these standards.

If you believe a revision is necessary please indicate if you think it should be a major or minor (e.g. updating and editorial changes that do not impact the technical content) revision and why.

If you believe there is a need for any additions or deletions, please state the reason why (for and against) and identify how these changes will improve the standards and benefit their users.

It would be helpful if your comments on both standards are listed separately.

Please send your views to Sally.Swingewood@bsigroup.com. We would be grateful to receive your views by Friday 10 July 2020.

Please share this request for comments with anyone you think may wish to provide comments.

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