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Course, Regional Forum, Seminar and Webinar Terms and Conditions

By booking online or submitting a booking form you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

If you are wanting to book more than one person onto a course(s) please email courses@therqa.com

We may modify these terms and conditions at any time by publishing the revisions on the website*.

Making a booking

If you would like to make a booking for a course, forum, seminar or webinar, please click ‘book now’ on each event page. 

Your place on your chosen event will be confirmed to you via email.

You will always receive a confirmation email from RQA - if you do not receive this within 5 working days of making your booking please email courses@therqa.comregionalforums@therqa.comseminars@therqa.com, or webinars@therqa.com (as applicable) immediately.

Group booking offer for courses

When booking five or more places on RQA courses, either for 5 or more individual delegates, 1 delegate on 5 or more different courses or a mixture thereof, the cheapest delegate registration fee will be given for free. To take advantage of this offer all bookings must be received at the same time. Any accommodation and/or dinners booked in conjunction with these bookings will be charged in full for all delegates.

To make a group booking please email courses@therqa.com.

This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Programme and Presenter/Speaker/Tutor alterations

All course, forum, seminar and webinar programmes and presenters/speakers/tutors are correct at the time of producing these pages. Due to unforeseen circumstances, occasionally it is necessary to make alterations to presenters and programme content.

Special requirements

If you have any special needs or requirements, please ensure they are detailed clearly when you make your booking. Alternatively, please contact the RQA office to discuss further.

Dress code

The suggested dress code is smart casual (physical events only).

Delegate contact details

All delegate contact details will be listed in the course, forum or seminar delegate material, unless we are advised otherwise. The online booking process gives the option to opt out of this.


Please note photographs and video may be taken/recorded during events and used in promotional material, if you do not wish to appear in photos/footage, please contact the office on: 
for Courses - courses@therqa.com 
for Regional Forums - regionalforums@therqa.com
for Seminars - seminars@therqa.com
for Webinars - webinars@therqa.com


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliant.

Online bookings have the choice of paying immediately by credit/debit card, nominating somebody else to pay on your behalf or requesting an invoice for all other payment methods.

Invoices must be paid thirty days from the invoice date, or before the start of the course, forum, seminar or webinar, whichever is the soonest.

Currency and Exchange Rate

You may book in GBP, USD or Euros and the default currency will be selected by our website according to your location, but can be altered if you choose. RQA exchange rates used are based on those published by The Financial Times and will be updated regularly. 


The member rate is available as a concession to those working in relevant charities and academic institutions or for the National Health Service. If you are unsure whether you qualify for this concession please contact courses@therqa.com

VAT on Face to Face Course, Regional Forum or Seminar Fees

All quoted event fees exclude VAT which will be charged at the standard prevailing rate (currently 20%). If you make your booking from a business outside the UK you may be able to reclaim the Value Added Tax. All the advice and forms that you need to reclaim Value Added Tax can be found at www.hmrc.gov.uk

Please contact finance@therqa.com for further information if required.

VAT on Remote Course, Remote Regional Forum, Remote Seminar or Webinar Fees

All quoted event fees exclude VAT. Remote events will be taxed at the location of the business or in case of an individual (not working for a business) at the location of RQA, regardless of their location. For UK business and individual customers VAT will be added at the prevailing rate. EU business customers who work for a VAT Registered organisation will need to provide their VAT number at the time of booking and will be required to reverse charge the VAT. For Non-UK and Non-EU business customers VAT will not be charged as they are outside the scope of UK and EU VAT.

VAT on Additional Requirements

The additional charges for accommodation and/or dinners offered fall under the Tour Operator’s Margin Scheme, a special scheme for VAT purposes. This is because the accommodation/catering provider charges RQA for these items, and they are recharged to you the delegate. The amount we recharge reflects the VAT inclusive amount charged to us by the provider, but VAT is not separately shown on our invoices, and it cannot be reclaimed by you as input VAT. This is in accordance with the rules of the Tour Operator’s Margin Scheme.

Cancellation procedures

Cancellation by delegates

Where cancellation is made 21 days, or more, before the event, fees will be refunded or invoices credited, excluding a £59 administration fee in respect of courses and seminars or a £10 fee in respect of forums and webinars (no fee will be charged if the event was booked at zero cost). 

Please note that:

  • fees will not be refunded for any cancellations made less than 21 days before the event 
  • payment of event fees will still be due on unpaid invoices for any cancellations made less than 21 days before the event
  • you will be liable for accommodation and/or catering costs which the RQA incurs but is unable to recoup
  • if cancellation(s) of a course place(s) booked as part of a group booking results in less than five places remaining in this group the booking offer will no longer be applicable and any discounts originally given will be invoiced in full.

Cancellations must be received in writing to the RQA office or by email to courses@therqa.comregionalforums@therqa.comseminars@therqa.com, or webinars@therqa.com as applicable.

Cancellation by RQA

On rare occasions it may be necessary to cancel events due to unforeseen circumstances or if bookings fail to meet minimum numbers. In such cases RQA will re-schedule the event for the earliest date possible. If for any reason it is not possible to re-schedule all course, forum, seminar or webinar fees and accommodation/catering fees (if booked direct through RQA) will be refunded. 


Delegates may be substituted up until 24 hours before the event begins. Where substitution takes place less than 21 days before the start of an event a £59 administration fee will be charged in respect of courses and seminars or a £10 fee in respect of forums and webinars (no fee will be charged if the event was booked at zero cost).


The transfer of delegates from one event date to another or from one event to a different event will be treated as a cancellation of the original booking and a separate new event booking. As such all transfers will be subject to the terms and conditions set out under ‘Cancellation by delegates’ above.

What is and isn't included in your event booking:

All event fees include:

  • Presentations
  • Workshops and/or Discussions/Q&A
  • Delegate Materials and/or webinar recordings
  • Coffee and tea (face to face events only)
  • Lunch if listed on the event programme (face to face events only)

Event fees do not include any accommodation or evening meals

You will note that, where applicable, the costs for accommodation and/or dinners are detailed on the relevant event pages. Prices charged for accommodation and/or dinners booked directly with RQA cover the amount RQA is charged for the provision.

Terms and conditions for accommodation bookings made with a venue directly will vary, please check for details of these when booking.

Prize draw for leaving feedback on a course

This offer only applies to feedback left for public courses and only one entry may be submitted per delegate, per course.

The winner's name will not be quoted or shared with the course tutors without prior consent. 

The winner cannot transfer their prize entitlement to another individual and should use their prize within 12 months of notification. i.e. attend their chosen course or register for the eLearning Passport. Where a face to face RQA course is selected as the prize, all accommodation and dinners are excluded. 

For further information on events please email courses@therqa.comregionalforums@therqa.comseminars@therqa.com or webinars@therqa.com as applicable.

* Last amended 29th June 2022


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