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Manufacturing Medical Devices and Equipments



  • Alfred Scott
    30/07/2020 11:40
    My cousin completed his pharmaceutical studies a few years back. After working in a pharmaceutical company, he got an idea to start his own business. So he started looking for a space in Toronto to set up a medical manufacturing unit. Finally, he got a space for rent through one of his friends and started setting it up. Once the entire set up was over, he began to manufacture medical devices and equipment https://circuits-central.com/medical-equipment-manufacturer/. Lots of hospitals and health care centres in Toronto started to approach him to place an order. There was a constant growth in his business after several months, and he also gained a massive profit out of it. What's your opinion on starting a medical manufacturing business like this?
  • Prakash
    15/08/2020 19:57
    Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and Regulation (EU) 2017/746 may require involvement of conformity assessment body who may carry out such assessment only activities related to "Active non-implantable devices for processing human cells" - MDA code - 0314. Does the above Regulations apply to a newly designed and manufactured "Stirred Tank Stainless Steel Bioreactor" and to any novel stainless steel bioreactor used for cell culture? If applicable, which organization/s in the UK can give more information on the application procedure?
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