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Shrouded Footswitches for 60601-2-22 Medical Lasers



  • Lauren Foster
    17/01/2020 19:00
    I am looking at the various designs for shrouded footswitches. I have seen everything from complete coverage such as the link here, https://www.steute.com/en/meditec/products/1-pedal-medical-foot-switches/mgfs-med.html to a piece of U shaped wire such as the link here - https://www.steute.com/en/meditec/products/1-pedal-medical-foot-switches/kf-med-gp11.html . I have a hard time believing that the U shaped wire would pass 60601-2-22, Clause However, I can see the need for a lightweight footswitch in a surgical theater. Has anyone worked with the 60601-2-22 standard and formed an opinion on the definition of a "shrouded footswitch"?
  • Ankur
    05/02/2020 05:27
    Hi Lauren, Please send me details at my email id below: ankur.aggarwal@cyient.com We are into medical device engineering business. We have worked on foot switch designs. Thanks Ankur.
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