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Support and Grow - Special Interest Group 

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28th March 2024

The Special Interest Group "Support and Grow", expertly led by Christine Mitchell, aims to cultivate a supportive community for professionals within the quality assurance sector. Recognising the unique challenges faced by individuals in QA roles - ranging from those new to the field, to those operating within small or solo QA departments - this SIG seeks to foster an environment of support, guidance, and collaboration.

"Support and Grow" is dedicated to providing a robust support system for QA professionals at every stage of their career. The group’s mission centres on facilitating an open forum for sharing experiences, challenges, and solutions, thereby fostering a culture of continuous learning and mutual support. By leveraging the collective wisdom and experience of its members, the group aims to empower individuals to navigate their QA roles with confidence and competence.


  • To create a platform for QA professionals to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices.
  • To offer guidance and support to QA professionals, particularly those new to the field or working in small teams.
  • To curate and direct members to valuable resources and training opportunities within and beyond the RQA.
  • To encourage active participation and collaboration among members, ensuring the SIG evolves in response to the community's needs.

The "Support and Grow" SIG invites RQA members, and beyond, who are seeking to deepen their professional connections, enhance their QA knowledge, and contribute to a supportive industry network. We encourage you to join this free initiative, share your insights, and play an integral role in shaping the direction and impact of this group. Whether you are looking to offer support based on your experiences or seeking guidance to overcome professional challenges, this SIG provides a welcoming and constructive environment for all.

Embrace this opportunity to be part of a community that values growth, support, and collaborative success. Together, we can ensure that every QA professional has access to the resources, support, and network they need to thrive in their roles. Your participation and contributions can significantly impact our collective journey towards achieving excellence in quality assurance. 

Paul Davidson (Support and Grow SIG Core Member)




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