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Good Laboratory Practice for Study Directors, Principal Investigators, Study Staff and Management REMOTE LEARNING


REMOTE LEARNING - this course will be delivered to you live online from the UK. 

If you are wanting to book more than one person onto a course(s) please email courses@therqa.com

Course Information

This course is designed to provide comprehensive guidance and practical help for those who fulfil the role of Study Director or Principal Investigator in the conduct of non-clinical safety studies on pharmaceuticals, agricultural and industrial chemicals in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). This course will also be of considerable benefit to study staff and management working in a GLP environment. The course will address current OECD GLP Principles and UK GLP legislation, but will also make reference to other international standards, regulations and guidelines.

Benefits include

  • Practical help and guidance on the interpretation and application of GLP
  • An opportunity to update your knowledge of GLP with the current interpretation of requirements
  • Access to an experienced panel of speakers
  • Information on how other organisations address GLP issues
  • An opportunity to improve your understanding of the GLP requirements as they are applied in different situations

This course is structured to encourage delegates to

  • Discuss and develop ideas
  • Solve specific problems
  • Examine particular aspects of GLP
  • Learn from the experience of others

Course Tutors

Tutors will be comprised from the list below:

Tim Stiles
Consultant, Qualogy Ltd (Course Principal)

Peter Davies
Consultant, Peter Davies Associates (Course Principal)

Vanessa Grant

Jeanet Løgsted
CEO, Scantox A/S

Jane Elliston
Senior Quality Assurance Auditor, Battelle

Gillian Armour
Study Monitor, AstraZeneca

Recent Feedback

"In general, alls three tutors were friendly and enthusiastic. It was clear the huge experience they have on all aspects of GLP studies, including and specially from the practical side. That helps a loT to better understand the implications, (real) problems and (real) solutions."
"Highly appreciated feedback on digital slide archiving, nice presentations, very friendly, helpful answers"
"We had very helpful discussions throughout the whole course, both in the workshops but also after each presentation. all tutors mentioned their point of view. this makes clear that there is not always one correct answer to a GLP question, but brings me little more into a better thinking and understanding about GLP and its principles."

CPD Points

14 Points

Course Programme 

Please note this course will run in UK timezone.


Day 1

8.50 Registration
9.00 Welcome and Introductions
9.20 Development of Good Laboratory Practice
A review of the history of GLP, its current scope and application, with a synopsis of current European and international standards.
9.50 Roles and Responsibilities
The responsibilities of Study Director, Test Facility, Management and study staff in the conduct of a GLP study.
10.30 Break
10.45 The Roles and Responsibilities of the Study Director and Test Facility Management
The role of the Study Director in the management and control of a study, as defined by GLP, and Management's roles are explored.
11.30 Multi-site Studies
What is a multi-site study and when should such concepts be applied on a study.  The role of the Study Director and Principal Investigator in the planning, conduct and reporting of multi-site study are explored.
12.15 Study Plan (Protocols)
GLP requirements for the preparation of a study plan, content, authorisation, amendments and deviations are discussed.
12.45 Lunch
13.30 Workshop 1 - The Study Plan
Some practical problems with study plans and amendments explored.
14.30 Workshop 1 - Feedback
14.45 Standard Operating Procedures
The control, content and authorisation of SOPs and the principles behind the practice.
15.20 Break
15.35 Workshop 2 - Practical Study Conduct Problems
Dealing with practical problems encountered during the conduct of studies.
16.30 Workshop 2 - Feedback
17.15 Close of day

Day 2

9.00 Questions and Answers
Discussion of issues raised by course delegates.
9.20 Quality Assurance
The interactions between QA, Management, Study Director and Principal Investigator are discussed as is QAs role when conducting a multi-site study.
10.00 The Final Report
The content of the final report and the role of those involved in its preparation and approval.  Specific reporting requirements when conducting a multi-site study are also explained.
10.30 Break
10.45 Workshop 3 - Final Report Problems
Practical problems of report preparation including compliance statements.
11.30 Workshop 3 - Feedback
12.00 Management of Raw Data and Records
A view on how records and materials are managed and archived in compliance with GLP.
12.45 Lunch
13.30 Workshop 4 - Data and Sample Management Issues
Dealing with data and sample management issues.
14.15 Workshop 4 - Feedback
14.45 Regulatory Inspection
Government monitoring for compliance with Good Laboratory Practice.
15.15 Panel Session
This panel session will address any outstanding issues raised by delegates.
15.45 Close of course


Course Material

This course will be run completely online. You will receive an email with a link to our online system, which will house your licensed course materials and access to the remote event. 

Please note this course will run in UK timezone.

The advantages of this include

  • Ability for delegates to keep material on a mobile device
  • Ability to review material at any time pre and post course 
  • Environmental benefits – less paper being used per course
  • Access to an online course group to enhance networking

You will need a stable internet connection, a microphone and a webcam. 

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