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Biocompatability of Polycarbonate in Medical Devices



  • john brophy
    08/04/2020 08:42
    Our company is currently manufacturing swabs to help the NHS with the current Covid -19 crisis. In order to maximise the number of swabs we can produce we are looking into the possibilty of producing some of our tubes with Polycarbonate. We have the facility to do this but do not have any Biocompatability data to go with this request. Does anyone know of any reference papers/studies etc that could be used to help us with this. We are pariculary interested in any data concerning the use of polycarbonate in: Renal Dialysis Cardiac Surgery Products Surgical Instruments IV Connection Components I have scoured the internet including Pub Med and although I have found some interesting data ,it is not 100% what we require. Any information would be gratefully received and used to hep strive to ensure we get more product out of the door for our NHS staff to use. Regards John Brophy Quality Lead
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