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ISO 14155 certificate



  • Anon
    12/03/2020 09:09
    Dear All, Does anyone know if you, as an organisation, can obtain an ISO 14155 certificate, demonstrating compliance with this standard? Kind regards,
  • Colette McIntyre
    12/03/2020 10:28
    Sorry the RQA cannot provide certification of compliance to ISO 14155. Notified bodies such as TUV or BSI mat be able to provide such services.
  • D Chesnais
    03/04/2020 06:41
    Please do an Internet search with "iso 14155 certification awards". You can also contact the global and your local ISO organizations about your query. If they provide ISO guidelines, they should hold a list of certified companies able to perform and award an ISO 14155 certification.
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