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Birth analgesia device advantage



  • evei
    12/01/2019 09:49
    Presumably, this is good news for most women. 1) physical analgesia has no side effects on maternal and fetal safety; 2) three-dimensional analgesia was used. There are three kinds of analgesia: low-frequency pulse electric stimulation analgesia, Lamaze breathing analgesia, music analgesia. Not only can effectively shorten the labor process, but also the analgesic effect is particularly good, can be in a short time to reduce the pain to level 3-5, reduced to the range of maternal tolerance; 3) free posture, without affecting maternal activities; 4) easy to operate, equipped with a handle controller, pregnant women can adjust the output size according to their own contractions; 5) the treatment terminal is relatively small in size on the market at present. Parturient women can hold it with one hand without affecting the free movement of parturient women and supporting free posture. 6) treatment terminal the terminal with the longest standby time in the market at present, which lasts for 19 hours when fully charged; 7) the host can be connected to 6 extensions at the same time, which can be used by 7 parturients at the same time; 8) Lamaze breathing video is equipped with the device, which helps the puerpera to adjust the breathing rhythm, maintain physical strength, and effectively shorten the labor process. 9) it is equipped with a physiotherapy electrode specially designed for the staff, forming in one body, clean and hygienic, avoiding cross-infection, and adding new highlights to the department's benefit.
  • Colette McIntyre
    14/01/2019 10:50
    Evie, Do you have a specific question relating to the device mentioned in your message? The discussion forum is intended for members to post questions and receive advice from the relevant committee or other RQA members.
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