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Looking out for medical device turnkey services.



  • Neha
    27/09/2018 11:17
    Hi, I am planning to develop a new medical device manufacturing unit, as presently I am looking out for some guidance from specialized expertise that will guide me in all circumstances.
  • Operon Strategist
    27/09/2018 13:35
    Hey Neha, We are the medical device consulting company providing regulatory guidance as well as provide services for medical device design and development. Please forward your product details on info@operonstrategist.com and do visit our site for further details related to medical device design and development service: https://www.operonstrategist.com/medical-device-design-development/
  • Neha
    28/09/2018 06:41
    Thank you for your response, il go through your services and contact you.
  • Kendall
    25/04/2019 16:55
    Hi Neha, If you are in need for a variety of components for your devices you should check out DirectMed. We offer a wide range of components for assembly. They are priced extraordinarily competitively and we hand pick our manufactures for the highest quality product.
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