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Electrical Plug in EU



  • Ivonne Breestraat
    11/05/2015 10:09
    We want to deliver our CE certificate medical device to Europe. This medical device has an electric plug from the US. Can anybody tell me what is required with regard to the electrical plug? 1) Is it allowed to let an engineer change it at the hospital? 2) Do we need specials tests after changing this electrical plug? 3) Is an adaptor allowed?
  • Colette McIntyre
    11/06/2015 15:05
    Ivonne, I believe all electrical equipment (not just medical)in the EU must be fitted with a moulded on plug I do not think it would be permissible to have the plug changed in the hospital and an adapter would certainly not be a good option as there is the risk it would get separated from the equipment and lost.
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