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  • Lesley
    24/01/2014 09:19
    Clinical Trials of Medical Devices. Can RQA advise if they plan (I can't see that any are available at the moment)to provide training courses for CT of Medical Devices? or could they advise where this training can be located please?
  • Alan
    04/02/2014 18:54
    Hi Lesley, The medical devices committee is currently planning to run a seminar and workshop entitled "How to Conduct a Medical Device Clinical Investigation" on Tuesday 8th July at Radisson BLU, Stansted Airport. Details will follow shortly at www.therqa.com for booking.
  • bert
    18/02/2016 10:38
    Dear, is RQA looking into new courses/seminars covering medical devices and investigations with devices? Many thanks
  • Medical Devices Committee
    25/05/2016 14:55
    Any information on courses or training materials is posted in the Learning Tab of the RQA website, keep an eye on it for future postings.
  • gersberg
    05/02/2019 16:36
    Hello, I'm searching for courses on medical devices vigilances audits. I'm pharmacovigilance auditor and want to improve about medical devices vigilances audits in order to be able to perform them. Could you please let me know if there is any course in 2019? thanks you in advance
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