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Access tocomputerised system by person who is admin and also user?



  • Anon
    07/07/2021 08:53
    Hi What is your view about a person (who has a responsible role in the GLP setting- e.g Test Facility Manager) to be an admin for a computerised system and accessing the system to analyse and print data? My understanding is that an admin only does the admin role (i.e add a new user/delete an obsolete user, unlock password of locked account etc) and should not use the admin account to process data- Can admin access the system to analyse and print data under admin access?
  • RQA GLP Committee
    23/08/2021 15:07
    Dear Anon, In some smaller facilities the only option is to have one person act as an analyst and the admin, with separate accounts and permissions for each activity. However, as you say they should not be analysing data when logged in with admin rights. Everything they do when logged in as the admin should be traceable – i.e. there should be a documented request to add a new user, delete a file (with justification) etc. With any equipment the audit trail should be switched on, so that you can reconstruct who did what and when.
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