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Trace the Freezer Temperature through Wireless System



  • Harold
    14/06/2018 05:55
    I have insulin medication which needs to be store in freezer for around 6 to 7 months and freezer is kept in basement of my warehouse, I was thinking to monitor the readings remotely by connecting the temperature transmitter with freezer which transmit the signal to the receiver, I am looking for the better solution which send signals of temperature transmitter to internet cloud and help me to show the tracker in my smartphone and share the notification via wireless system
  • Colin Wilsher
    14/06/2018 15:26
    It would be good for the GLP Com to answer this.> A good idea would be to validate and process that you use to see that it is reliably recording what you think it is recording. > I think there was a Q & A in the GCP Q & A page about temperature readings
  • Harold
    18/06/2018 12:52
    Hey Can please suggest me the link of page have Q&A in GCP which help me to understand and make me informative for working on this process?
  • Colin Wilsher
    18/06/2018 16:38
    RQA home page. Good Practices. GCP. Q & As
  • RQA GLP Committee
    03/07/2018 14:41
    Dear Harold, We are unsure whether this is insulin for your own personal use (and therefore not a regulatory issue) or is part of your warehouse business (and therefore a GDP issue). However, these types of systems are available through reputable suppliers.
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