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New Laboratory Information System



  • Anon
    14/02/2018 14:34
    We currently use a Laboratory Informaton Management system (LIMS) for all our sample processing in the labortory for clinical trial samples, however the opportunity to use a brand new system is a possibility. Currently we are discussing the merits of continuing to run trials which are up and running on the old system and transferring key data onto the new system such as Freezer positions to allow us to run any new trials in the new system. However this may mean upon audit 2 systems may be required to track the audit trail of a sample. Does anyone have any experience of having done this and if the regulatory bodies would have a problem with this?
  • RQA GLP Committee
    30/04/2018 08:11
    Dear Anon, This is possible with careful controls in place. Define what you consider to be the source data, as there would be an issue if the two systems contained conflicting information. Record how you plan to transfer data from the old system to the new system and validate the transfer for data migration. Good planning and good QC should be employed.
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