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Cloning Hard-drives For Disaster Recovery



  • Steven Reilly
    04/10/2017 13:45
    Dear RQA, I have been asked a disaster recovery question by a colleague that I wonder if you could help me with? They have asked to prevent loss of business during a cyber-attack Could they set up a system to copy software from the instruments onto hard drive and keep the hard drive in case there is need to use it in a cyber-attack , in which case we would remove the affected drive and put the copy in. . I have slight concern over this approach as I am not sure how the licence of the instrument software would work and the qualification status of the equipment would be but I would appreciate your views on this topic. Kind Regards, Steve.
  • Graham Ogg
    17/10/2017 11:43
    I'm assuming this is a computer attached to an instrument. The process of cloning a drive gives an exact copy of all information as it is at the time of cloning. There would also require to be a backup of all data since the clone was taken. The procedure is one of, replace the affected drive information then restore the backup data. Having said this the process should have been tested and validated first to ensure no changes to the validated system are introduced with such actions. It would appear to me to be a perfectly satisfactory solution. I would be interested to hear any other comments.
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