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Discussion Forums

The Discussion Forums allow you to discuss GxP related issues online.

To start a discussion click 'New Thread' and complete the form. If you are unsure which GxP area you should post your thread to, you can tick any number of the appropriate GxP areas and your thread will go to each of them.

The name field will default to 'anon' if you do not fill it in. The details will then appear on the Discussion Forum page. To enter a discussion just click on the relevant thread and click 'Reply to Thread'.

You can search forums by entering a topic into the ‘Search the forums’ box.

In the absence of a suitable reply to a thread the Committee(s) will give a considered response usually following the next committee meeting.

The forums will be moderated. Spurious or abusive postings can be reported to  editor@therqa.com

Please ensure you are logged in to the website in order to post in the forum.

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