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Why people volunteer

There are many reasons why people volunteer  to undertake a task, project or role. Generally, those reasons are personal; each volunteer is motivated in a different way. 

Here is a short list of the reasons people have given for wanting to volunteer: 

•  To make contacts in the profession

•  To meet new people

•  To establish a track record

•  To be in charge of something

•  To feel useful and needed

•  To build confidence  and self-esteem

•  To make a transition to a new career

•  To break from other stresses in their life

•  To gain respect

•  To help other people

•  To be with colleagues who volunteer

•  To get to know a new community

•  To get recognition

•  To learn something new

•  To do something they like

•  To please their manager

•  To support the Association

•  To challenge themselves

•  To share their knowledge

•  To do something different

•  To share their passion

The most important factor is RQA's ability to provide opportunities to eager volunteers whatever their motivation.