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Thank you for choosing to join the RQA Volunteer Programme. Volunteers play a huge and important role in the Association; they are integral to RQA's success.

There are a number of ways in which volunteers can support RQA activity:

•    Time-based; usually for Committee membership

•    Task-based; generally for single-task projects

•    Virtual; typically to promote RQA.

This approach allows Volunteers to choose to support RQA in a manner that suits the Volunteer without over-committing their time. The opportunities are endless.

The time-based Committee activities require a commitment of around 6-10 days per year which, when combined with project work, can entail a considerable obligation that only a small handful of RQA members are able to make.

Some one-off tasks,such as creating a podcast, should take no more than a couple of hours, whereas promoting RQA using social media is literally a few minutes each week.

I hope that you find your volunteer role to be fulfilling and rewarding. Please feel free to contact the RQA office with any queries or concerns.

Welcome, and thank you.

Anthony Wilkinson

RQA Director of Operations