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Current opportunities

White Papers 

• Selecting samples for audit

• Note-taking during audits - Points to Consider

• Mind Mapping for beginners

• Process flow charts/tools

• Fundamentals of Project Management, including budgeting and delivery

• Risk assessment: The basics

• Positive and negative feedback

• Contract Review

• Data Protection

• IT Systems Security for starters

• Traceability

• Introduction to CDASH

• An introduction to CDASH Standard vl.l

• CDASH User Guide

• Medical Statistics for auditors

• CAPA: Effective approaches to improvement

• Coaching and Mentoring

*NEW* Draft a guide to Good Research Practice, maybe similar to the guidance provided by Wellcome - https://wellcome.ac.uk/funding/managing-grant/guidelines-good-research-practice, or other similar institution.


• elearning or Death by Powerpoint? Top 10 ways to develop elearning that makes a difference.


• "Impact of recent regulatory activities on pharmaceutical research quality." Based on inspection findings, cases in court etc. and what effect this has had on quality.

• "The Gap between Academic/Non-commercial Research and The Pharma Industry." Comparative review of quality, compliance and complexity.


• Translating existing RQA products into languages other than English.


• Review of current training courses. 

The role is to review the information collated so far, to understand the range of RQA training courses,and then to review each in relation to the objectives, purpose, advertising,and the training course feedback. The objective is to see where improvements could be made then, working with the RQA office and the tutors, the role is to assist in making those improvements.

• Design and Development of a brand new RQA qualification for Auditors.