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RQA Employment Survey Summary Report 2017

The RQA Employment Survey 2017 Executive Report is now available for all RQA Members in the Members Area of the RQA website.

RQA Members CLICK HERE to purchase this ebook. 

The Executive Report highlights some of the key facts and figures from the RQA Employment Survey 2017; detailed findings and analyses are contained in the larger and more-detailed reports.

  •  14% of employed respondents are unhappy or extremely unhappy with their job.
  •  The average overall salary is in the “£60,001 to £70,000” bracket.
  •  There is a difference between average Female and Male salaries.
  •  The average recent bonus is in the “6% to 10% of salary” bracket. On average, the highest earners received the highest bonuses at “11% to 20% of salary”.

 The survey provides compelling data to show how people who scored high on job satisfaction also scored high on other aspects, such as salary, aspiration and inspiration.

 The results of the RQA Employment Survey 2017 are available in a range of formats:

  •  A Summary Report detailing the key facts, figures and analyses (20 pages), is available to purchase from the RQA website.
  •  A Full Report containing the facts, figures and analyses of all the survey questions (50 pages), is available to purchase from the RQA website.
  •  A Complete Report, containing the Full Report and the complete dataset of responses in electronic (MS Excel) format, is available to purchase. Please contact the RQA office for details and price.


  1. Introduction
  2. Summary of key findings
  3. Members in employment
  4. Members in self-employment
  5. Members in retirement