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Remote Learning Courses - Additional Information


Moodle is the platform where all course materials are stored.  You will be sent a link to this 2 weeks before the start of the course.  This will include personalised course materials, you may wish to download these before the event.  These will be available for two weeks after the final day of the course.


Zoom is a meeting video conferencing webpage. 

You will need a stable internet connection, a microphone and a webcam or similar.  You will have the opportunity to mute yourself if you prefer during the course of the day although many tutors will mute delegates during presentations.

If your course includes workshops, you will be split in to breakout rooms, instruction will be given on how to return to the main room at the appropriate time.

Zoom Support

This includes various features including:

System Requirements, please click here.
Joining a Meeting, please click here

Event Guidelines

  • We recommend downloading Zoom’s software; using Zoom in your web browser will limit some functionality (such as viewing and responding to polls)
  • Please enter your name and email as the name and primary email address RQA has on file for you
  • Use the audio connection on your computer
  • Use a headset if you can – you will be able to hear more clearly (and be heard if you speak), plus it cuts down on echoes in the audio
  • We are asking everyone to put their questions in the Q&A section
  • You can use the “thumbs up” button to vote for the questions you like most, which will push them higher up the question list
  • Some tutors may allow questions throughout the presentation.  If they do and you want to speak out loud, use the raise your hand feature; we will unmute you and call your name to let you know you can speak.  We will be answering as many questions during the event as possible however if we run out of time, these can be addressed at a later date.