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  • Quality Systems in Research Labs

    A highly interactive remote course, providing guidance on how to implement a quality system successfully into a research lab. 15th Sept 2020.

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  • Remote GLP Course

    Designed for study directors, principal investigators, study staff and management. 8th-9th Sept 2020.

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Remote Courses

We are pleased to announce that most of our courses to the end of 2020 are now available remotely.  

The courses that are available to book are as follows:

How will the courses be run?

We have chosen two industry standard platforms to assist in running these.  Moodle has been selected for its ability to bring a social aspect to a course (live chat and discussion forums), as well as being a repository for all the information contained in a course.  Zoom will enable our tutors to not only hold presentations, but also take questions in real time.  The software also has the ability to put delegates in breakout groups, enabling workshops to continue. 


  • Remote Course Feedback

  • The course was very well organised even when online, I almost felt it was probably better having it online, there seemed to be more conversation and questions as it seemed easier for people to ask compared to being face-to-face in a classroom. The course material and content was just right. Gave a good overview of GLP. Best course I have ever been to.

  • I truly enjoyed my attendance. Both tutors were well prepared and it was good hearing them and benefiting from their experience.