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Non-RQA Events

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THE opportunity to ask inspectors your burning questions

Join us at University College London on the 18th of June to actively discuss the different perspectives for effective collaborations betweeninspectors and investigators. This 1-day event is organised as an  open dialogue through various “Discussion Forums.”
It will be possible to submit your questions anonymously prior to the Forum at events@efgcp.eu
Share your insights with inspectors, 
Impact their expectations: 

  • Dominique Delforge, GCP inspector from FAGG
  • Gunnar Danielsson, former GCP inspector from MPA         
  • A GCP inspector from MHRA     

Engage through constructive dialogues on these burning issues:

  • What will be the expected data protection regulation?
  • How to prepare for inspection on both sides?
  • What is new for investigators in ICH-GCP(R2)?
  • Investigator delegation and oversight

Raise your voice!  Join us for this EFGCP Open Forum!

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