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Practical Approach to Auditing Systems and Processes REMOTE LEARNING



REMOTE LEARNING - this course will be delivered to you live online from the UK. 

Course Information

This well established course will explore key phases of process and system auditing. It will provide guidance on auditing systems and processes at both the global and local organisational level.

This course will assist delegates with:

  • A practical approach for the development and conduct of process and system audits
  • An enhanced understanding of key system audit principles, preparation, design and conduct
  • Increased expertise, efficiency and confidence

This course is structured to encourage delegates to:

  • Discuss and develop ideas
  • Solve specific problems
  • Share knowledge and experiences

By the end of the course delegates will be better able to:

  • Design and plan more effectively to achieve their process and systems audit objectives and add value to their organisation
  • Improve the effectiveness, focus and credibility of the audit programme

Course Tutors

Tutors will be comprised from the list below:

Allison Jack
PVQA Director, GlaxoSmithKline (Course Principal)

Rocio Castellanos
Medical Quality Assurance

Recent Feedback

"Zoom and its functionalities seems to be just right for courses of this size. One thing I would like to encourage though is that people would start using their cameras. Nowadays with a plethora of mobile devices it should not be an excuse any longer not using videos, especially considering the current situation. We are all humans and a personal touch is much enjoyed - I find it only fair if we can see the presenters that they would be able seeing us as well."

CPD Points

14 Points


Course Programme 


 Day 1

8.50  Registration
 9.00 Welcome and Introductions, Expectations/Challenges/Experiences
A discussion to explore the range of approaches to the conduct of systems audit. 
 9.30 Introducing Systems Audit
What is a system?
Why conduct system audits?
Advantages, disadvantages and challenges. 
 10.20  Break
 10.35 Systems Audit Design and Planning
Identifying the customer, setting objectives, development of the audit plan and audit tools, plans for the audit report. 
 12.00 Designing System Audit Tools 
 12.45  Lunch
 13.30 System Audit Plan - Exercise 
 14.00 Introduction to Case Studies
The objectives of the case studies are defined and process and outputs described. 
 14.15 Case Studies - Session 1
A first opportunity for work on case studies.  Defining objectives and scope and understanding the requirements of the audit client. 
 15.00 Break 
 15.20 Case Studies - Session 1 continued 
 16.30 Case Studies - Feedback 
 17.00 Close of day 

Day 2 

 9.00  A Simple System Audit Example - Introduction
The objectives of the case studies are defined and process and outputs described.
 9.10 Case Studies - Session 2 - A Simple System Audit Example
An example of system audit applied to a simple system.
10.30 Break 
 10.45 A Simple System Audit Example - Case Study Feedback 
11.30  Strategy
Audit programme planning.
12.15 Lunch 
 13.00  Case Studies - Session 3
Work on delegate's case studies.
 14.30 Break 
 14.45 Case Studies - Session 3 - Feedback 
 15.15 Closing remarks 
15.30 Close of course


Course Material

This course will be run completely online. You will receive an email with a link to our online system, which will house your licensed course materials and access to the remote event. 

The advantages of this include

  • Ability for delegates to keep material on a mobile device
  • Ability to review material at any time pre and post course 
  • Environmental benefits – less paper being used per course
  • Access to an online course group to enhance networking

You will need a stable internet connection, a microphone and a webcam. 


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