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Quality Systems elearning

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Quality means different things to different people, but central to all definitions is that quality is about meeting a standard.  One definition states that quality is 'the degree to which a set of inherent properties of a product, system or process fulfill requirement'.  The standards or requirements involved will be defined by circumstance.  What does need to be clear is what the standard is.  Measuring and demonstrating whether the work is up to the standard is part of Quality Assurance.

This interactive eLearning course covers:

  • What does a Quality System normally include?
  • To improve, where do I start?
  • 4 core principles of Quality Systems

The eLearning provides opportunity to save notes (mobile and desktop) or print (desktop only) so a learner can use real world examples throughout the course.  The course also includes an optional assessment.  All learners will receive a certificate of completion for your records.

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