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Data Integrity elearning (FREE)

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Course Overview

Data integrity is currently the hottest topic in town for regulators, but is it also at the focus of your scientific research and development? 

Taking a GxP view, equally applicable to Good Research Practice, this eLearning takes a closer look at the principles of data integrity and could help you and your organisation understand how data integrity principles apply to the research you do.

Written by members of the RQA Data Integrity Working Group, this eLearning has been designed as a basic introduction.  In unit one, we introduce the principles and acronyms of data integrity, walk through the data lifecycle, and look at data integrity assessment, before introducing the concept of data governance. 

In module two, the role of Senior Management  and their required support for embedding data integrity principles in company culture is considered, followed by a short 'how to' for your data integrity policy.

With a short quiz to test your understanding at the end of each unit, we provide handy references to support the development of your procedures, practice and processes for data integrity evaluation. 


Once you have successfully completed the assessment (80% pass mark), you will be shown your pass mark and percentage and will then be asked to complete your details to generate a PDF certificate (displaying the CPD points gained) which you can download or print for your records.


Lee Monk (UCB)

Louise Mawer (Mirabilitas Ltd)

Patrick Kilbane (Jazz Pharmaceuticals)

Additional information

This training is aimed at those wanting a basic guide to data integrity principles involved in scientific research and development. 

It contains useful information for those responsible for the development of data integrity policies and managing governance arrangements and it can help those responsible for evaluating data integrity: auditors, compliance/quality control staff, managers and scientists at the bench wondering what on earth all the fuss is about!

CPD Points

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