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Certificate in Data Basics elearning


Course Overview

This course will equip you with the basic analytical skills and knowledge you need to interpret and use data effectively.

This interactive elearning course is divided into 8 bite-size chapters: 

Introduction: Welcome to the Course

Chapter 1: Demystifying Analytics - Part 1

Chapter 1: Demystifying Analytics - Part 2

Chapter 2: Naked Statistics for Data Analysis – Part 1

Chapter 2: Naked Statistics for Data Analysis – Part 2

Chapter 3: Time to Play (with data!)

Chapter 4: How Data Might Fool You - Part 1

Chapter 4: How Data Might Fool You - Part 2

Final Assessment: Time to check your learning

This course should take you approximately 3 hours to complete which includes self-assessment to confirm your gained knowledge.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Identify common data terminology 

  • Recognise the challenges of data processing and analysis

  • Describe different statistical methods used to interpret and analyse data and practise using statistical methods on a simplified data set

  • Develop critical judgement when it comes to data, statistics and visualisations.


Once you have successfully completed the Final Assessment (80% pass mark), you will be shown your pass mark and percentage and will then be asked to complete your details to generate a PDF certificate (displaying the CPD points gained) which you can download or print for your records.

Course Authors

  • Timothé Menard is a PharmD with a specialisation in pharmaceutical medicine. He started his industry career in 2009 in Pharmacovigilance (PV) and had different roles in PV (operational and strategic) that brought him to live in various parts of the world (Switzerland, Singapore and Germany). He joined Roche as a Clinical Auditor in 2015 and dived into the ‘magic world of analytics’ somewhere in 2017. He has been leading the PD Quality Analytics Team at Roche since January 2018. From simple analytics methods to machine learning, his team is creating and implementing data-driven solutions that help understand, early detect or predict clinical quality issues.

  • Björn Koneswarakantha is a neurobiologist PhD with an acquired passion for data science and data analytics. After a detour into the financial industry he started his career in the healthcare sector in 2018 at Roche where he is now working as a Senior Quality Data Scientist. Apart from delivering advanced analytics data solutions for his quality assurance stakeholders he also develops statistical open source tools.

  • Richard Bowling has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 20+ years. He joined Genentech as a Clinical Auditor in 2015 and is currently a Team Lead in the PDQ Quality Data Operations group. His group focuses on providing Data Analytics to the Product Development Quality organization which are used to perform risk assessments and to detect clinical quality issues.  

  • Sharon Havenhand is currently a Principal Learning Designer (PDQS) at Roche, responsible for leading and delivering the Data Analytics University Strategy for her function. She has been working in the pharmaceutical industry since 2006, holding a variety of positions in Quality Assurance from Lead International Clinical Auditor to Quality Assurance Specialist, gaining extensive experience across the GxP disciplines. Sharon has completed her Diploma in Learning and Development and is an ILM Accredited Advanced Professional Trainer.

CPD Points



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