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Corporate eLearning Access

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Our introductory courses have been successfully used by companies offering refresher training to their employees.

Today's workforce has to process more and more information in a shorter amount of time. New products and services are emerging with accelerating speed. As production cycles and product life spans continue to shorten, information and training quickly become obsolete. Training managers feel the urgency to deliver knowledge and skills more rapidly and efficiently whenever and wherever needed.

Business managers realise that companies that offer ongoing education and training enjoy a higher rate of employee retention and the benefits of a better skilled and equipped workforce.

Today's businesses have more locations in different parts of the world, in different time zones and employ larger numbers of employees with diverse cultural backgrounds and educational levels than ever before. Thus, more information has to be delivered in increasingly larger organisations, challenging internal planning, logistics and distribution. Companies worldwide are now seeking more innovative and efficient ways to deliver training to their geographically dispersed employees.

Corporate trainers report that eLearning and traditional classroom training are blending rather than one ruling out the other. That is, the strongest use of online learning seems to be an extension rather than a replacement for classroom training.


Discounts are available for the purchase of multi-user licences, either for five or more individual participants on one course, one participant on five or more different courses or a mixture thereof. To take advantage of this offer all bookings must be received at the same time.

We base all corporate discounts on member’s prices, regardless of whether people are members of RQA or not.

All individual courses:

The price without discount is £102/person (or € and $ equivalents which vary based on exchange rate). The standard non-member price is £133/person.

  • ​5-20 courses purchased (10% discount) = £91.80 per course 
  • 21-50 courses purchased (20% discount) = £81.60 per course
  • 51-100 courses purchased (25% discount) = £76.50 per course
  • 101+ courses purchased (30% discount) = £71.40 per course

Our eLearning Passport:

The price without discount is £299/person (or € and $ equivalents which vary based on exchange rate). The standard non-member price is £359/person.

  • ​5-20 passports purchased (10% discount) = £269.10 per passport
  • 21-50 passports purchased (20% discount) = £239.20 per passport
  • 51-100 passports purchased (25% discount) = £224.25 per passport
  • 101+ passports purchased (30% discount) = £209.30 per passport

All of the above prices exclude VAT which is chargeable in the UK and Europe. The VAT rules are based on where the participant accesses the eLearning, not where the purchaser is based. For full details on the VAT rules and other information relating to the purchase of eLearning access please read our Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions.

Participants will have indefinite access to the course materials and 12 months access to the formal assessment(s). Courses are purchased per named student, but if you do not know the full list of students we will keep the spare licences until advised of their names. Leaving students will not be refunded.

We recommend that participants refresh their knowledge every 1-2 years. If you wish to renew the participants' access to the assessment(s) after the initial 12-month period the cost will be £10 per participant plus VAT as applicable. 


Our web-based, interactive and SCORM compliant eLearning courses offer a practical and flexible method of learning. Each course is made up of a number of modules with each module carrying a set of questions designed to reinforce the students learning but no formal assesments of knowledge gained are available.

The majority of our eLearning courses have CPD accredited assessments with the ability to print a certificate once the assessment has been passed (80% pass mark).

The below courses are CPD accredited but do not include assessments, for these courses a certificate of participation is accessible at the end of the last module:

Introduction to LEAN
ISO 9001:2015
Quality Systems

Multi-user licences are not available to book online.
For bookings and enquiries please email elearning@therqa.com