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A Message from our Chair

At the last RQA Board meeting on Wednesday 1st April, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was a major part of our deliberations.

The immediate impact of the pandemic has been the suspension of all face-to-face activities, most significantly the programme of training courses scheduled to take place before the summer. The Board recognises that the postponement of a number of courses will have a significant impact on the income of the Association, and on the provision of vital training.

Whilst we are predicting that the end of year results (to 30th April 2020) will be positive, it will be the coming year that the full impact of the pandemic will be felt. In the financial plan for next year we are looking at minimising any potential losses. At this time of such uncertainty, planning and forecasting are very difficult.

In an attempt to diminish the severity of the coronavirus impact on the Association, the RQA office has been very quick to instigate a programme to reconfigure as much of the training as possible in order to provide remote delivery to delegates. The number of ideas and the efforts have been impressive. With support from committees, course principals and tutors, RQA will soon be in a position to deliver live, high quality learning to anywhere in the world. These distance-learning innovations are not designed to replace the face-to-face courses, which will be re-introduced post pandemic.

This message is intended to keep you informed of what we’re doing, at the same time I am asking for your help and support. We’re looking for content and material that could be delivered remotely. If you have anything to share, please contact the RQA office in the first instance – info@therqa.com. The office will assist in the preparation of the material and provide the technology for its delivery.

Remote events can help to promote the RQA, to support its members and customers, and reduce the financial impact of COVID-19 on the Association. The collaboration of committees to produce the webinar on 31st March was very impressive and a great example of what can be achieved at such short notice. Over 500 people joined-in at some stage of the webinar.

I should just reassure you that the Association will not be beaten by COVID-19. Hopefully, we can work together to reduce its impact. To you, your colleagues, and your families, keep well and keep safe.

Tim Stiles

RQA Chair


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