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Community Hub Update - November 2023

The Community Hub provides an online space for the RQA community to meet, discuss and learn, and has grown to over 1100 people, of which just over half are RQA members.  The use within the community is fantastic, and we are looking to use it more and more to engage and inform.  This update will give you information on upcoming events to be held in the hub, and hints and tips on how you can use the hub for your benefit.   Signing up for an account is easy - click here and enter your email (preferably the same as your RQA account), and a password (doesn't have to be the same as your RQA account) and you are in the community! 


Our investment in the Community Hub has allowed us to use platform to host events - ranging from quality conversations, to replays of previous events, through to a modular course in delivering virtual presentations.  Here's what we have coming up soon.

2023 Virtual Conference Rewind: Future of Quality Stream (21st November - 12:00 to 13:30 / 22nd November - 15:30 to 17:00 / 23rd November 08:30 to 10:00)

We will soon be giving all RQA members access to the 2023 Virtual Conference in full - as a teaser for this, we will be replaying a recording of the Day 1 'Future of Quality Stream' on three consectuive days, at three different timeslots to give our global community an opportunity to get involved when it suits them. The 90 minute session included the following presentations:

A Comparison of Criteria used to Define Real World Non-Interventional Studies - Jeffrey Kirsch

SmartConnected Devices - The Future of MedTech - Prem Iyangar

Cultivating a Culture of Quality: Transforming your Organisation for the Better - Zillery Fortner

RSVP for one of these events here (Community Hub login required)

How to Use the Power of LinkedIn to Advance Your Career in Clinical Research / Module 1 of 3 / Optimise your LinkedIn Profile November 29th - 13:30 to 15:30 (on demand after the event)

Join Maria Veleva (RQA Consultants SIG Chair) for the first module of three in her series entitled 'How to Use the Power of LinkedIn to Advance Your Career in Clinical Research'.

This course is for everyone working in Clinical Research, and will look at how LinkedIn can support your growth and connect you to colleagues, decision-makers, and companies.  This course is for RQA members only, and will be available on demand after the live sessions.

RSVP to this event here.


The hub also has the ability to group together content in a structured way so that it is a course.  These courses will again be for RQA members only.  The first course ongoing is Mastering Virtual Presentations, which all RQA members that belong to the hub are automatically enrolled in.  We are now three modules in, and the videos and slides are available as lessons.  This courses space gives the ability for learners to discuss a module by utilising a comments section.

We will be adding the LinkedIn module above as we go through the modules, with a Website Design course (aimed at Consultants) to follow in the new year.

Discussion Spaces

Of course, you can also use the hub to ask questions or add your opinion to discussions easily.  Once you've signed up, join a space and like and comment away.  We have a variety of spaces to discuss the different GxP's, as well as our SIG areas. 

A 'how to' guide on how to join and make that all important first post can be found below.


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