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Regulatory Roadmap for the development of human medicinal Products (Europe focus)

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First in Man/Clinical Trials


Phase I or First in Man/Clinical Trials - when an investigational medicinal product (IMP) developed and assessed through in-vitro or animal testing, is tested on human subjects for the first time.

Marketed products may fall under the same regulations if the product is used as part of an interventional trial. (The product must meet the definition of an IMP).


Test Article Safety Reports (GMP)
Pre- clinical Data (GLP)


GCP : Clinical Research (Phases 1)
GCP & GPVP: Pharmacovigilance
GMP : IMP Manufacturing


GCP : Clinical Research (Phase 1)

GCP & GPVP : Pharmacovigilance

GMP : IMP Manufacturing


GCP : Clinical Research (Phases 1)

GCP & GPVP : Pharmacovigilance

GMP: IMP Manufacturing


Computer Systems Validation

  • Clinical Study Reports (CSR)
  • Data to support the creation of the Common Technical Document for submission for marketing application
  • Trial Master File (TMP)
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