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This area of the website is devoted to those who are interested in IT (computing) issues. We aim to provide the latest information on international regulatory guidelines and laws, intelligence across the discipline and information on the sectors developments.

This area reflects the changing role of technology within the industry, with increased focus on data integrity and management in partnership with the validation of the IT systems.

Please click on the RQA IT Committee to find out information on the Committee and its activities.


The IT Committee is looking for new members

If you are forward thinking and keen to find new transformational ways to comply with Computer System and New Technology regulations then this is for you. 

Opportunities exist to;
- Present at global training courses 
- Author papers on key trends and to provide guidance on best practices
- Build a network of IT and Quality professionals.
- Influence industry and regulators to adopt pragmatic and creative new ways of working.

We are particularly seeking individuals with detailed experience and knowledge in the following areas;

- Data Privacy and IT Security
- Data Shield 
- AI and ML, in particular developing AI algorithms 
- Data Analytics
- Developing lean Quality Oversight of Agile development

An open and creative mind set is essential.

Please contact info@therqa.com  with a cover e-mail and a current CV if interested.