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Committee Vacancy

The RQA DIGIT Committee is seeking a new committee member with a comprehensive awareness of digital technology. The opportunity is open to applications from RQA Members with a background in any GxP discipline.

The applicant must be able to contribute to DIGIT Committee business by attending meetings, supporting Committee projects and, above all, having a sense of humour!

Please send a CV and a covering letter to the DIGIT mailbox - info@therqa.com – by 14th August 2018. The Committee will consider all applications and contact each applicant separately.



This area of the website is devoted to those who are interested in D.I.G.I.T. (Computing) issues. We aim to provide the latest information on international regulatory guidelines and laws, intelligence across the discipline and information on the sectors developments.

This area has been named D.I.G.I.T. to reflect the changing role of technology within the industry, with increased focus on data integrity and management in partnership with the validation of the IT systems.

D. Digital
I.  Information
G. Governance &
I. Information
T. Technology

Please click on the RQA DIGIT Committee to find out information on the Committee and its activities