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PhV training in the field of clinical trials



  • Jordi
    13/04/2020 18:29
    Dear all, Hope this find you well in these worrying days. I've been looking for training on PhV specific for personnel that manages safety information collected from clinical trials. This personnel is part of small research companies that has their MP in a research phase. All training I have identified is focused on commercial products. I would grateful if you could provide any information (training courses or any helpful idea). If you consider innapropriate provide commercial information on this forum, please contact me directly (jordi.falco@falcoquality.com) Thanks in advance J.
  • Anon
    13/04/2020 19:27
    Have you looked at the Brookwood training ?
  • Jordi
    14/04/2020 07:43
    Thank you "Anon". I did it, but it didn't seem that there was what I was looking for. J.
  • Dominique Chesnais
    15/04/2020 10:40
    Please have a look at that link and its secondary links (https://globalpharmacovigilance.tghn.org/training/e-learning/). You should find many e-learning sessions, most of them free, as a good initiation in PV.
  • Jordi
    15/04/2020 15:30
    Thank you Dominique. An interesting link. Best regards J.
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