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Recommendations for basic GMP video



  • Jane
    25/02/2020 14:51
    Can anyone recommend a 10-15min video which covers the basics of GMP? I have many years ago used one which referred to digoxin, I'm looking for something similar but more up to date?
  • GMP Committee response
    14/05/2020 11:31
    You are probably thinking of the classic ‘You’ll Soon Feel Better’ video, which was originally produced in the late 1980’s. A web search reveals that this was completely remade in 2014. I’ve not seen the new version, but you might like to check out the website here: https://www.shop.gmptraining.com/Youll-Soon-Feel-Better-11052014.htm
  • GMP Committee response
    14/05/2020 11:32
    continued response It looks like the company that produced this has several other GMP training resources available which you might like to consider, though I have no experience from which to make a recommendation. Not a video, but you might also wish to look at some of the online GMP training packages available, such as those offered by Inspired Pharma: https://www.inspiredpharma.com/gmp-online-course/ As with all GMP training it should be appropriate to the circumstances for the staff receiving the training. Any of the resources above that are used should assessed as part of the overall GMP training need.
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