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CRA access to EHR



  • Ana
    19/08/2019 09:22
    I would like to know your thoughts on limiting the CRA access to the Psychologist section of an EHR. In an Oncology Hospital, most patients are visited by the Psychologist. The information recorded by the psychologist on the EHR contains intimate information about the patient and not related to the trial. would it be acceptable to limit the CRA access to this section of the EHR? thank you,
  • Colin Wilsher
    19/08/2019 10:53
    Would be good to hear from others. 》 all records might contain information o. Subject reaction to treatment such as AEs. For instance depression, but could be anything such as headache. Difficult to know. I have seen inspectors ask for all sorts of records such as care records fron subjects who live in a care situation which is not the research centre or even attached to it.
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