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  • Nayan Prajapati
    20/12/2017 06:41
    Hi. I am handling elearning training system at Cliantha, Ahmedabad, India. We have our own web based training system to execute training. We prepare content modules using adobe captivate ver 9.0. We are running this system since 2012. Now we want to develop a global level LMS and LCMS which should have all features that one LMS and LCMS should have. We don;t want to purchase readymade LMS or LCMS. I am preparing URS for the same. Can anyone guide me on it as I am doing it first time and do not have information what all should be covered in URS. If anyone has any article or white paper or template please share with me. My mail id, nprajapati@cliantha.in
  • bharathi
    04/09/2021 06:53
    urs of lcms
  • bharathi
    04/09/2021 06:54
    urs of lcms
  • Colin Wilsher
    04/09/2021 07:32
    Hopefully ITC computing committee will help.
  • Nayan Prajapati
    04/09/2021 07:48
    Hello All, I asked this question in 2017. Now we have well developed eLearning system which validated by our inhouse team. Thank you.
  • Anand Pandya
    07/09/2021 13:13
    Hello Mr. Nayan, I would recommend to go through the GAMP5 for URS drafting , apart I do have a URS written for a computerized system . Will share it shortly . Thanks.
  • priyal shah
    11/10/2021 07:20
    hi, Priyal Here, i could you please share URS for LMS? as i am opting it for 1st time, your guidance would be helpfule to me. thank you.
  • RQA GLP Committee
    20/10/2021 16:01
    Dear Nayan, The recommended document (GAMP 5) is an excellent source of information. It is expensive to purchase, but very useful. You would have to define what you need, what you want the system to do etc, and this may involve getting expert advice from the industry. You may find that there is a suitable system available for purchase, which would simplify things for you.
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